Our Al- Hana Restaurant, the grocer's in-house pit stop for goods made-to-order, promises you with an exceptional friendly service & an unforgettable delicious, satisfying, & inexpensive meal! Our expansive menu is professionally prepared from All-Natural, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, & Grass-Fed Lamb, Beef, & Chicken. Using our highest grade of vegetables, our best imported condiments, and our unique House-Blend of spices, will for sure bring you & your family a memorable taste. Whether you are in a mood for a sandwich or a pie, an appetizer or a salad, an entree or a dessert, a single or a family size platter, your meal will always be prepared from scratch and well-crafted to satisfy your Mediterranean cravings. To us you are, as a customer, entitled to the best dining experience every time you visit your Al-Hana Restaurant.